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House Stark Growler Game of Thrones


Refillable and reusable, this growler is an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to buying traditional 12 oz. bottles that need to be recycled. With craft beer on the rise, growlers are becoming a popular option at many bars. They can be filled with beer right from the tap time and time again in large quantities. Constructed of amber-tinted glass, this growler protects your favorite craft brews from harmful UV rays, preventing them from getting spoiled and “skunked.” This helps ensure that the beer retains its flavor profile after leaving your bar, giving customers an authentic taste of your signature beer. To further preserve optimum freshness and carbonation of your beers, this growler includes a twist-off white metal cap with a plastisol rubber liner to create a tight seal. A convenient handle also makes it easy to hold and transport, which is perfect for allowing customers to take home their favorite brews.With a 64 oz. capacity, your customers will be in good supply of your signature brews, and when they do need a refill, they’re sure to come back!

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